Tent camping checklist

When planning for camping, there required a lot of effort to put and to remember endless things before you head out for the trip. There are numerous items that you will be going to need to fulfill your requirements in the entire camping trip.

Thus, preparing a tenting checklist is a great idea if you do not want to regret your camping trip. It will assist you in finalizing the items.

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  • Water bottles: In the areas such as desert and forests where searching water is a tough job to do, it is strongly suggested to keep two or three bottles of fresh drinking water as searching water in these areas is a tough job to do, and the temperature will rise up during daytime in the summer season. Hence, it is preferable to carry water with you camping.
  • Sunglasses: The summer heat will not be bearable, and the eyes will be the target. To protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the Sun, always keep your eyes covered with black colored sunglasses that are excellent in repelling sunrays.
  • Tent: For sleeping at night, you and other trip members are going to require a sleeping tent for tent camping. There are going to be possibilities of facing wild animals; hence, to be in your tent is always safe and secure at night.
  • Sunscreen: For staying un-impacted from the ultraviolet radiations of the Sun, your skin is going to need a thick layer of a nice sunscreen on the face and all over the body.
  • Equipment kit: When camping in alone locations away from the crowd, you are advised to carry a proper tool kit with you because there might be some trouble with the tires or the conveyance vehicle. Therefore, you must be trained well before moving on a camping trip with your friends or family. You might need these things while setting up your camping tent all by yourself. Wrenches, screwdrivers, scissors, etc. should be included in this kit.
  • First aid kit: This is the thing of utmost importance in your camping checklist as getting bruised and scratches in the feet or legs is so common during trips to the forest or deserts. The kit must include an antiseptic liquid or lotion and few band-aids.
  • Medicines: If you get a feeling of dizziness or face nausea while traveling, then it is highly advisable to carry a small kit of medicine that has essential medicines in it, such as ibuprofen, aspirin, folic acid, etc.


  • Raincoat: When planning camping in rainy seasons, a raincoat is a lifesaver and will prevent you from getting wet when you want to wander here and there in the woods. But in the first place, you are suggested not to plan a camping trip in desert areas in the rains, as the sand dunes and sand particles might hamper with your camping tent.
  • Tape: It is a necessary thing to carry as your tent might get holed out of somewhere, and tape might come to rescue at that critical time. It might be needed in other critical situations.
  • Compass: When roaming around the camping tent, you might get lost and need a compass with you to find the exact location of your camping tent. Hence, taking a compass is also suggested.
  • Map: When finding the location of your tent, having a map beside you will be a lot easier than not having one with you. You can also download digital offline maps on your phones.
  • Blanket: When spending nights on the camping trip, the nights become cold sometimes. Hence, sleeping with a warm blanket is always advised to the travel freaks.
  • Mosquito repellent: There might be going so many numbers of mosquitoes in the night time; thus, to stay unaffected from the mosquito bites, you are advised to carry an excellent mosquito repellent spray or lotion with you to keep yourself unbitten.
  • Sleeping bag: You are never advised to sleep on a bare grass floor on your camping trip. The bugs and reptiles might hurt you, and it will become a serious situation. Therefore, you are suggested to keep an inflatable sleeping bag with you that you can open at night and put in the bag pack when not required. It will consume less space in the bag, as well.


However, by taking all this stuff along with you, your camping trip is going to be a memorable one.