Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent

Small Introduction:

Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent is a convenient vacation tent that can comfortably accommodate 10 people. It has all the necessary basic features that ensure protection and safety at the same time. Let us check on some of the best features here.

Short Review
  • Qualtiy 94
  • Light weight 95
  • Portability 94


If you have a plan to celebrate a weekend with your big family on an adventure camp, Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent is an ideal choice for you. It is easy to set up outdoor and very safe to be used. It has three rooms and an elegant appearance with all the necessary features. You feel complete and well occupied within the tent.



  • There is an electric cord system to connect to the direct power supply for your mobile or laptop needs.
  • There are additional pockets within the tent to hang your belongings appropriately.
  • It is effortless and simple to set up. This facility allows you to keep moving to places smoothly.
  • It can be perfectly set up by beginners themselves.
  • The polyester taffeta and polyester mesh is a luxurious fabric that stands durable for an extended period.
  • It can withstand any temperature and weather patterns prevailing outside.
  • There is a wholly enclosed screen room that has a rollback option that always keeps you cool during hot summers.
  • It is very much cost-effective and worth the money value to a great extent. This is important if you have many plans to visit costly places and that you do not want to spend much on stay. However, expect the most relaxed and peaceful time spending.
  • Elegant looking with three different colors; black, brown and red rooms


  • The dividers came to be slightly stronger.
  • Poles can be more sturdy


  • There are two separate doors and two dividers, making it three different living spaces. Big size beds can be fit inside the three different rooms.
  • The rainfly is seam taped and stands as a protection against adverse weather conditions. It keeps the interiors dry and dirt-free at any point in time.
  • It is surrounded by a mud mat to keep the interiors extremely clean.
  • Screened porch in front of the tent is a great way to ventilate and help you prevent any mugs or insects from entering inside.
  • Dimension is 8.5ft * 21ft and offers a compact space.
  • Zippers are present for windows as well for cross ventilation to happen during the night time. You can open and close it at any time at your convenience.

Final Verdict:

This product best suits the needs of a family outing wherein you will have kids around. It perfectly accommodates all comfortably and stays firm on any irregular usage. It is considered the best tent under 200.