Generic Ozark Trail Tent

Small Introduction:

It is always fun to party around with many people. A big gang of 10 people, along with different ideas on a camping site, will let you hold on to some of the best memories. Generic Ozark Trail Tent is just going to add on to the fun. It is exclusive with cabin features and many more advantages. Let us check on them detailed here.

  • Qualtiy 90
  • Light weight 91
  • Portability 92


An instant large-sized cabin tent, when it fits around ten people comfortably, will be an excellent choice for an adventurous night. Generic Ozark Trail Tent is an ideal product that is strong, protective, convenient, and very useful in this regard.



  • Considering all the cabins together, there are eight windows in total and offers a good view of the outdoors and proper ventilation at the same time.
  • There is a room divider for extended partition and privacy that separates the living spaces accordingly. It more or less feels like being at home.
  • If instead of a bed, sleep bags are used, ten campers can comfortably sleep on the floor. It is satisfying and compact for a comfortable stay.
  • Deluxe gear pockets are fitted around with an excellent hanging facility to store your belongings that needs to be fast reached safely.
  • It has a rainfly with completely factory sealed seams to keep the interiors duct-free, dry, and clean.
  • Electric cord access is provided for any external power supply and connection.
  • Carry bag for packing and traveling is included along with the package.
  • Polyester fabric is used for durable reinforcement. It can withstand irregular movements, animal damages, or wind.


  • The dividers can be slightly stronger.
  • It is not waterproof


  • It can comfortably fit ten people within. There are two cabins, and each one can fit a queen-sized bed easily. It measures 14 by 10 and center height 78 to accommodate taller people comfortably..!!
  • The poles stand pre-attached in the tent design unfold and extend as and when required instantly. It can be instantaneously set up and hardly takes two minutes. This is a great advantage as you go on frequent trips with a lot of people to varied destinations.
  • It has a unique dark rest technology that prevents sunlight from entering the tent. It helps you stay cool inside and relax for longer durations. It suits places where you travel during the summer or spring seasons.
  • Many skylights have ceiling panels within the tent to organize and customize the light entering. It can be rolled back and forth to control the amount of illumination that strikes inside.


If you are going on a trip with a large gang and expect an enjoyable stay with comfortable features, this is a fair product. It is cost-effective and suits the purpose well. If you are going on a budget trip and would want to stay satisfactorily and cherish happy moments, this is always an appropriate choice.