Desert Camping Tent tips

Camping is a fun and exciting activity to do for travel freaks and extroverts. The craze of camping in the desert is not recent but decades old. People become mad while talking about forests and deserts. And if you are a too adventurous person and wish to go camping at night, then you are suggested to follow some tips and tricks to keep in mind when heading for a desert camping trip with your near and dear ones for a safe and secure journey.

The 13 things you are advised to keep in mind are as following:

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  • Water is necessary: In the desert areas, you will not be able to find enough water to drink or bath. Therefore, it is highly suggested to every single person not to forget to take as maximum as possible water bottles with them. Because water scarcity has been a common issue in areas like desert or forests.
  • Take warm clothes: As we all know, the temperature in the desert becomes very low during the night times, and the need for warm clothes begin to feel in mind. Hence, it is strongly recommended to bring warm jackets, gloves, and socks along with you, while heading to a desert camping.
  • Be alert: Since establishing a desert tent is a wild choice and the possibilities of appearing of forest and wild animals become too high, therefore it is suggested to be aware of the surroundings and act accordingly. Take some precautions with you, such as a torch and a lighter, for safety.
  • Take a compass with you: The deserted locations are going to be so confusing that you will surely forget the way from where you have come. You might require a barometer or compass as well, to search the direction and location of your desert camping tent while roaming around nearby.
  • Protection from the Sun: The desert weather is typically very cold during the night and extremely hot during the day; thus, you might need proper sun-protecting stuff such as goggles and a nice sunscreen to apply for staying unaffected from the hazardous ultraviolet radiations of the Sun.
  • Camel traveling: The ride from the ship of the desert is a mandatory one. Hence, a good balm for the afterward backache is also suggested because the camel ride will not be going to be an easy activity.

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  • Ensure the tires: Before moving, make sure to examine the tires of your conveyance vehicle carefully and make the necessary amendments or additions. The tires should not be punctures and full of gas. Otherwise, they will cause trouble in the way.
  • Avoid rain: Desert areas become so messy in rainy seasons that it might put the travelers in unwanted situations and completely ruin the trip. The nature becomes so bad in the rain and the rocks from hilly areas and sand from sand dunes that might create problems while camping, therefore sleeping in a dry tent are recommended.
  • Download essential maps: In this advanced world of digitally everything, download an offline map digitally. It will assist you at every required step and will surely lead you to some more amazing places to explore.
  • Bury your waste: Disposing of your waste stuff in a proper way is very crucial as the desert sand does not allow it to decompose soon; hence taking a wag bag along with you is advised.
  • Do not forget tool kit: If you are planning a desert camping, then you are going to need a lot of equipment with you, such as screwdrivers, scissors, wrenches, tapes, hammers, wires, etc. these will provide you utmost aid while establishing the tent.
  • Have a sanitizer: In all dirty situations, a hand sanitizer will be the one that will come to your rescue. It is a must-have thing to take along with you in desert camping since washable water might also not be available; a hand sanitizer in your handbag is an essential item to carry.
  • Carry tissues: Toilet papers and wipes are necessary while in the situations of the scarcity of water. The urge to wipe your hands and face in dirty and sandy locations will be there with you every minute.



Bottom line:

While planning for a desert camping at night, the mosquitoes will also cause trouble; therefore, taking a mosquito repellent is also necessary. By following the above-mentioned points, your desert camping will be memorable and safe.

The security lies in your hands; hence it is suggested to consider these points for safety.